Cowboys & Cattle

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Living Yoga – Coffee Creek

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“In coming to Living Yoga, I have remembered who I am, and have been graced with the blessings of returning to my spiritual path.”


“Living Yoga has allowed me to slip over the wires and imagine myself in a yoga community outside these walls” – -Inmate, Coffee Creek



“The yoga program is changing my life. The peace, serenity and increased self-esteem that I have acquired from ( the volunteers ) is wonderful.”




“Living Yoga has given me a slice of goodness in a hard inflexible place. I will continue to do yoga after I leave and if worthy perhaps I could be of service.”


Leros, Greece

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An early morning walk in Istanbul…

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Early one morning we walked quietly together. The city didn’t look like the one I knew at all. Another place which perhaps belongs to another life time… Away from the overwhelming crowds usually streaming out to the streets, it was quiet and calm in this new dimension. Our footsteps echoed on the cobble stoned pavements.

She was Ayşe and I was Aisha. We both have fair skin and hair that falls to the middle of our backs. Side by side we walked and looked at the streets from the lenses of our cameras. We saw a strange and wonderful world that is taking long slows breaths. It felt like it existed only for just the two of us, the two Aisha’s to witness and capture. I slowed down.

It is said that we all have a twin. This was not my world, neither hers. On that cool quiet morning as we clicked the shutters of our cameras, I felt an unexplainable connection with a mutual understanding yet i felt shy and found a strange curiosity striking my heart. Was it the curious, mysterious streets of Istanbul or was it one of those rare occasions in which God winked at us?

Joseph’s Village Haiti

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 Joseph Ewins & His Village

Family in front of their home


School House

“This our school house built with coconut branches,we built it for the parentless children and the children their parents can not pay the school for them.After the earthquake of Juanuary 12,2o1o many children are parentless ,they need your mercy and we need to build a school house with 7 classrooms and a direction for those children,they need a library and a computer science room.please assist us as far as you can.thanks in advance for your love and kindness.” Joseph Ewins

Toy Truck


Mobil Medical Clinic

If you would like make a contribution to Josph and his people please contact me for more information.

Beautiful Yogini’s of Yoga Shala

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Invest in the Human Spirit!

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Living Yoga: A non-profit outreach program teaching yoga as a tool for personal change to disadvantaged individuals in prisons, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, and transitional facilities.

“The population we serve have something in common: they are all imprisoned in some way. Some live behind wall and barbed wire, others in the personal prisons created by addiction and abuse. As they open to the grace of yoga, we see them stepping into new ways of being; developing balance, flexibility, strength and freedom in their lives.” – Living Yoga

These images were taken at Oregon State Correctional Institution in Salem, Oregon.

I am always deeply moved by the profound affect the offering of yoga has on the participants in this program.

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