Invest in the Human Spirit!

Living Yoga: A non-profit outreach program teaching yoga as a tool for personal change to disadvantaged individuals in prisons, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, and transitional facilities.

“The population we serve have something in common: they are all imprisoned in some way. Some live behind wall and barbed wire, others in the personal prisons created by addiction and abuse. As they open to the grace of yoga, we see them stepping into new ways of being; developing balance, flexibility, strength and freedom in their lives.” – Living Yoga

These images were taken at Oregon State Correctional Institution in Salem, Oregon.

I am always deeply moved by the profound affect the offering of yoga has on the participants in this program.

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One thought on “Invest in the Human Spirit!

  1. I am student,extremely happy to share my Idea with my friend in altrough school.Thanks for the best post then for the all people in our post.Further more The great spirit of the God almighty corver all the people in our post.So I like this post. Joseph

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